Wilderness skills Certification

Our training philosophy is rooted in our passion for the outdoors along with decades of experience as competitors, wilderness guides and outdoor instructors. We believe preserving and sharing our Indigenous land-based knowledge that has been shared through generations of our family and runs deep in the ways we relate to nature and wildlife, is one of the keys to our success as outdoor adventure educators.

Training at Painted Warriors is more than learning a set of rules—it’s about connecting to the land and finding yourself within it.

Trainer Spotlight

Owners Tracey Kettle and Tim Mearn are highly qualified Outdoor Council of Canada instructors with additional diverse certifications including:  Hunger Education instructors; Outdoor Council of Canada instructors, Interpretative Guide Association certification; Archery Intermediate Archery Canada; Level 3 Wilderness Guide Instructors; Certified Equine Canada Nationally certified riding instructor; Equine first aid instructor.

Painted Warriors is an accredited training facility and is certified through the International Wilderness Guides Association.

About the Outdoor Council of Canada

The Outdoor Council of Canada (OCC) is a nationally incorporated, non-profit, member-owned organization. The OCC has been founded to encourage, promote, and facilitate safety-oriented outdoor education and recreation programs, along with leadership opportunities, which are accessible to every Canadian.

The purpose of the Outdoor Council of Canada (OCC) is to ensure that the long-standing Canadian tradition of connection with, and involvement in, the natural world is maintained and nurtured in practical and accessible ways.

Wilderness skills Certification

OCC offers certification, which meet the requirements of activity within the provincial and national jurisdictions. Successful graduates will be certified as OCC ‘Field Leader’ with a ‘Level 1 Hiking’ and/or ‘Equine’ specialization.


The cost of this course is $160 per person.

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