For tour operators, travel agents and group customers interested in offering our one-of-a-kind, Indigenous experiences to your guests as a day trip or as part of an itinerary, we have designed a variety of 90-minute experiences specifically for groups. These activities are available as stand-alone offers for a short visit to the ranch, or can be combined for a longer stay, including an Indigenous-inspired meal.

We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and work with you to create a unique learning opportunity for your guests that will leave long-lasting memories!

To support travel trade and group customers, we can assist with:

  • Itinerary suggestions and customized Painted Warriors experiences
  • Marketing assets to support your sales efforts – photos, video and content
  • Group culinary options
  • Net rates
  • Product knowledge and familiarization tours to learn more about our experiences

Unique Experiences

Noojitoon: Hunting Stories with the Bow & Arrow

Immerse yourself in a unique archery experience as we share our traditions and stories of the bow and arrow. Guided by national archery champions, owners Tracey and Tim will take you through a series of lessons on how to hold and shoot a bow and arrow, learning proper form and finally, progressing to target shooting.

Target Practice

As you progress from paper targets to our three-dimensional animal targets, you’ll receive supervised individual practice time to increase your skills.

At Painted Warriors, you’ll discover more than an outdoor adventure—we share our Indigenous ways of knowing so your connection to the land and the lessons learned here, might stay with you long after you leave the ranch.

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Asiginamaw: Stories of Traditional Gathering

Join us for a unique experience in the peaceful quiet of our forest and share in our Indigenous summer traditions. We’ll share our knowledge of natural navigation techniques, animal tracking techniques and fire lighting using traditional tools—all skills that were, and still are, relied upon today to thrive during the summer months.


As we explore the forest, you’ll learn about some of the medicinal and edible plants we traditionally relied upon during the summer months for healing and sustenance. We will take our time to learn how to chart our course using wind direction and other natural navigational clues available to us in the wild.

Campfire Circle

After our forest walk, we’ll return to a campfire circle and you’ll have a chance to sample some traditional Indigenous snacks that would have been eaten on the trail and taste a traditional blend of tea before leave the ranch.

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Interested in telling and sharing our story? We have a number of assets available for download to use in your stories. Please contact us if you'd like to visit the ranch and meet with the owners—we're always happy to share our story and immerse our visitors in our world here at the ranch. 


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