Aboriginal Company

Painted Warriors is 100% Aboriginally owned and we understand the challenges that our students may have experienced in a classroom setting. We also understand some of the barriers faced by aboriginal entrepreneurs. Together, we have put together a hands on traditionally based learning program.

One of our main focus areas is in the tourism industry. There is a growing need for authentic aboriginal tour guides and operators, so we work with our partner companies to provide training programs that will bring more qualified aboriginal guides forward.

  • Tim Mearns

    Owner/ Operator of Painted Warriors

  • Tracey Klettl

    Owner/ Operator of Painted Warriors

Our Partnering companies

The combination of Painted Warriors and Mahikan trails provides a wide variety of traditional and outdoor programs. We work together to promote aboriginal tourism and to train students to become top notch guides.

  • Brenda Holder

    Owner/ Operator of Mahikan Trails

  • Dave Holder

    Owner/ Operator of Mahikan Trails

The Staff

Rylie is always up first thing in the morning helping to get the horses ready and helping throughout the day with her faithful horse foxy sox!
Whether its taking down or setting up the camps or helping out the younger campers with activities, Cheyenne is always there to help especially if it involves using the quad!

George is the master of fun activities!!

Company Info

Painted Warriors Ranch

Mountain View County, Alberta