Aboriginal Company

Painted Warriors is 100% Aboriginally owned and we understand the challenges that our students may have experienced in a classroom setting. We also understand some of the barriers faced by aboriginal entrepreneurs. Together, we have put together a hands on traditionally based learning program.

One of our main focus areas is in the tourism industry. There is a growing need for authentic aboriginal tour guides and operators, so we work with our partner companies to provide training programs that will bring more qualified aboriginal guides forward.

  • Connector.

    Tim Mearns

    Owner/ Operator of Painted Warriors

Tim is of Saulteaux/Scottish decent. He is a certified Archery coach, Outdoor Council of Canada, and a level one Guide/Instructor/Evaluator for the new equine Canada Trail Riding program. He is also a member of Team Canada for Archery and has won many national championships.

Tim is an avid hunter and instructs our Hunting programs as well as the Archery and Horsemanship programs.

He is a certified instructor with AHEIA for the Hunter Education program and a certified instructor for the Outdoor Council of Canada for Equine Field Leader, Hiking and Winter level 1.

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    Tracey Klettl

    Owner/ Operator of Painted Warriors

Tracey is of Cree/Mowhawk and Irish decent. She is an english riding Instructor, level one guide/instructor/evaluator for the new Equine Canada Trail Riding program and an Archery Coach.

She is certified in Wilderness First Aid, Outdoor Council of Canada and is a member of Team Canada for Archery and has won many national Championships.

Tracey is also a certified instructor for the Hunter Education program, instructor for Outdoor Council of Canada Equine Field Leader, Hiking and Winter level 1, and Equi Health Equine First Aid instructor for Standard and Advanced Equine First Aid.

Our Partnering companies

The combination of Painted Warriors and Mahikan trails provides a wide variety of traditional and outdoor programs. We work together to promote aboriginal tourism and to train students to become top notch guides.

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    Brenda Holder

    Owner/ Operator of Mahikan Trails

Brenda Holder is of Cree/Mowhawk and Irish decent.

She holds the following outdoor pursuit qualifications/skills:

  • Nordic Ski instructor with the Canadian association of Nordic Ski Instructors
  • Level one Coach NCCP (National Canadian Coaching program)
  • Professional interpreter with Interpretive Guides Association (IGA)
  • Instructor with the IGA
  • Instructor for the Outdoor Council of Canada (OCC)
  • Wilderness and Standard First Aid instructor Red Cross
  • Qualified Hunter with Alberta Hunting Education Association
  • Qualified Instructor with Alberta Hunting Education Association
  • Qualified Trapper with Alberta Trapper Association
  • Standard Recreational
  • Avalanche Awareness level one
  • Connector.

    Dave Holder

    Owner/ Operator of Mahikan Trails

Dave’s background is varied with 21 years in the British Military, 8 years teaching Adventurous Training to the British and Canadian Army in the Canadian Rockies. For the last 15 years here in the Canadian Rockies, Dave has been working within the outdoor world.

  • Nordic Ski Instructor (CANSI)
  • Nordic Ski Coach (NCCP)
  • Instructor Canadian Red Cross teaching Wilderness and Standard First Aid courses
  • Outdoor Council of Canada
    • Instructor for Field Leader Hiking and Paddling courses
  • Boreal Forest Level 3 Guide
    • Wilderness Guide Association (WGA)
  • Wilderness Living skills instructor
  • Survival/Bushcraft (certificate from Mors Kochanski)
  • Professional Interpretive Guide / Instructor
    • Interpretive Guides Association (IGA)
  • Level 2 certificate
    • Interpretation Canada
  • Hiking and Snowshoe Guide
  • Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG)
  • Instructor for AHEIA
  • Connector.

    Clinton TurningRobe

    Mahikan Trails

Clinton is of Backfoot and Cree First nations descent, with 15 years in Aboriginal tourism and events. Clinton brings a vast amount of culture, language and traditions.

He is certified with the treaty 7 Aboriginal interpretive guides. He is also a world class contest drummer and singer with the Blackfoot Confederacy Singers.

The Staff

Jordan is our local medic and saviour of skinned knees! He is also quick to jump in to instruct the odd first aid course and plant medicine
Rylie is always up first thing in the morning helping to get the horses ready and helping throughout the day with her faithful horse foxy sox!
Whether its taking down or setting up the camps or helping out the younger campers with activities, Cheyenne is always there to help especially if it involves using the quad!
Callie is one of our wild and crazy camp leaders. She is our local expert at keeping everyone entertained and laughing nonstop. Callie is very creative and comes up with lots of fun games and activities.

Sara has been involved with many of our camps, first as a participant and now a camp leader. She is involved with many of the equine activities as well as an extra set of helping hands and is an expert donkey painter!!!

Mackenzie also started as a camp participant, and is now a camp leader. She is an accomplished rider and is a great help with the horses and is an excellent role model for the younger campers. She is also creative and is a very good at donkey whispering and training young donkeys to become a willing canvas.
Napi is one of our instructors, from Archery to back country horse skills. Napi is certified in wilderness and remote first aid, the interpretive guides association, the Outdoor Council of Canada, Rider level 3 and is a licensed hunting guide. Napi is also very good about having little human beings attack him with paint.
Morgan is also one of our instructors. She teaches natural cosmetics with plants and outdoor cooking, and is also always making sure there are enough greens on everyones plate. Morgan is a certified flat water canoe instructor, has her Outdoor Council of Canada, wilderness and remote first aid and is also a skiing instructor.

Company Info

Painted Warriors Ranch,

Mountain View County, Alberta