In Training: Bobbi-Ann Brett

In Training is our interview series featuring students who have taken training courses with Painted Warriors.

Featured student: Bobbi-Ann Brett spent two weeks at Painted Warriors immersed in a variety of training programs. Her experience at the ranch had a deep impact on her and she recently shared some of the lessons she gained while on the ranch and why the training at Painted Warriors gave her so much more than a new skillset.

 Q: What made you choose Painted Warriors?

I chose painted Warriors because it had a lot to do with nature, which I love, and I honestly just wanted something really fun to do over the summer and it turned out to be just what I was hoping for and more.

 Q: What kind of certifications and skills did you gain at Painted Warriors?

At Painted Warriors, they taught quite a broad range of exciting different skills, including but not limited to: English horseback riding, archery, public speaking, how to be a field leader/ guide, First Aid, wilderness skills, horse maintenance, and more. It gave me a nice amount of certifications like Wilderness & Remote First Aid & CPR/ AED level C, Field Leader certification, and horseback riding levels one and two.

Q: What made your experience as Painted Warriors student so special?

The welcoming atmosphere that they had created at Painted Warriors was really special. I was only there for a couple of weeks but by the time I left, I felt like I had known everyone for months or a year. I was scared of not fitting in but when I arrived I realized everyone fits in there. Nature there is also very beautiful, and relaxing.

Any particular lesson or skill that stayed with you?

The lessons in particular that stayed with me the most would be the wilderness skills and the horseback riding. We did quite a lot in wilderness skills but I think my favourite part would be knot making. We also learned plenty of horseback riding skills, and I loved the entirety of it.

Q: What were you able to apply in your work after your time at Painted Warriors?

I was able to apply most of what we did to my work. It helped my resume stand out a lot more. All the certifications and the internship helped a lot, especially first aid, the field leader certification, and the internship.

Q: Any advice for someone considering training at Painted Warriors?

I would say to go. It’s such a fun, and amazing experience. If I could go back fifty more times, I would.

Thank you Bobbi-Ann for being our first In Training profile. If you would like to know more about our outdoor training opportunities, please explore our programs.









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