Safety training is an important element in all companies. Companies that base employees in unusual environments such as the Canadian north or in any forested area have unique needs for their safety focus. One such example is in “bush survival” where in cases of the employee getting lost will be able to use instructional techniques taught by Mahikan to stay warm, dry and how best to make yourself visible for rescue. These techniques are tried and true, with some stemming from the British Military, and some from the Métis and First Nations of long ago who knew how to live in this harsh winter land.

Skills for Work environments

This program has been referred to as “Traditional Native Living Skills” and is an excellent opportunity for learning and education. So the focus is not so much on survival, but more on unique skills that can be used and transferred to the work environment. Some of these skills include:


David Holder is one of the owner/operators of our partnering company Mahikan Trails.

David served with British Military (Royal Engineers). During his career he served with an external leadership wing, teaching outdoor pursuits. As well as leading expeditions to Norway, Iceland and the USA, Dave has led groups in Africa, Central America and much of Europe, climbing, hiking or Nordic skiing. Upon leaving the Army, Dave attended Plymouth College of Further Education earning a diploma in supervisory management with the National Executive Board of Supervisory Management (NEBSM) and a certificate in occupational health and safety.

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