The majority of this 10 day course is taught by our partnering company “Mahikan Trails”

Aboriginal & Interpretive Guide Training

Looking to get into guiding but you don’t want to do a 2 year college certification? We offer a selection of recognized courses for those wishing to get into the guiding world as well as for those who want to update certification, in addition to offering interesting courses to enhance your clients experience with you. Some of these courses are through other institutes that we recommend, but most courses are either certified provincially or across the country.

Interpretive Guides Association

Like any professionals, interpreters need professional representation, accreditation and on-going opportunities for learning and discovery. The Interpretive Guides Association provides services that support guides and ensure visitors to the mountain parks have enjoyable, safe and memorable experiences in the parks.

In Summer, IGA Hiking guides are permitted to lead groups on official trails for Single Day Hikes only, as recognized by the National Parks, on nontechnical terrain.

Outdoor Council of Canada

The Outdoor Council of Canada (OCC) is a nationally incorporated, non-profit, member-owned organization. The OCC has been founded to encourage, promote, and facilitate safety-oriented outdoor education and recreation programs, along with leadership opportunities, which are accessible to every Canadian.

The purpose of the Outdoor Council of Canada (OCC) is to ensure that the long-standing Canadian tradition of connection with, and involvement in, the natural world is maintained and nurtured in practical and accessible ways.

Aboriginal Guide Training

Alberta is quickly becoming the hot spot for Aboriginal Tourism. Our unique heritage is as much of an attraction to tourists as the Rocky Mountains. And what better opportunity to showcase our culture here in the Canadian Rockies?

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