Equine First Aid

This is a great course to take for all horse owners. For instructors this course is a way to earn professional development credits and will provide discounts through Capri and intercity insurance.

Standard first aid

This one day course will cover all the basics.

All students will recieve a certificate of completion, and a first aid manual. This course can be booked for $149.00

Advanced Equine first aid

This course prepares the student to handle extreme situations where without intervention the horse will not survive.
This course can be booked for $199.00.

First Aid Fundamentals

This is a fast-paced half-day clinic covering the fundamentals of first aid. Working hands-on with the horses, you will learn to take vital signs, recognize pain in the horse, detect colic, and participate in lots of bandaging in realistic scenarios!
The cost of this course is $89.00. All attendees receive a first aid reference booklet.

I can Help!

Have a horse crazy youngster? Sign them up for this 3 hour kids program. They’ll learn horse safety and basic first aid in a fun, hands on environment. There’s even a recipe for horse cookies in their manual and they’ll all get a frameable certificate of completion! No horse experience necessary! The cost of this program is $59.00.

Yay or Neigh?

In a fun and interactive manner, kids will learn about being safe around livestock, machinery, and in the case of fire and other extreme situations! This 3 hour course will give your kids the tools they need to be safe, proactive and make good decisions. The cost of this program is $59.00.

Safety first – the barn and beyond

Looking to buy your first horse? Your first acreage? New to the world of ranching or just want to get close to a horse and learn more about them?

Join us for a 3-hour comprehensive safety course focusing on farm safety, livestock safety, and of course safety around horses! The cost of this course is $59.00. It is geared for beginners.

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