The Program

Interested in working with horses in the tourism industry? Looking to improve your skills in the backcountry? This program is for you! We will deliver this program in several different ways in order to accommodate peoples lifestyle.

This can be taken as a weekly lesson, as a weekend program or a week-long camp.

For experienced horseman who want to take this program as far as they can, we will be offering other options such as map reading, wilderness first aid and O.C.C.(Outdoor Council of Canada Group Management).

There is also survival and backcountry cooking. The longer courses will be run as several week long programs

Wilderness wrangler / Trail guide

Additional Information

Skill for rider level 4 can be acquired before starting any of the levels. With the exception of the horse packing all other skills can be acquired by other training facilities (e.g. wilderness first aid, map reading etc.)

We can travel to other facilities to teach horse-packing level one because we do not require livestock to achieve this.

We will honour any other riding certifications that give the students the required skills for the rider level.

Packing a horse for the back-country (3 Full Days)

Company Info

Painted Warriors Ranch,

Mountain View County, Alberta



The price for each individual 13 day module is $1250.00, which includes accommodation and all certification.