The Program

Interested in working with horses in the tourism industry? Looking to improve your skills in the backcountry?

This program takes a holistic approach and the anticipated end result will be guides who are highly trained in all areas of wilderness riding, as well as recreational riders with enough skills to further enhance their backcountry experience.

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Wilderness wrangler / Trail guide

 The beginning levels are focused on providing the student with a solid foundation with ample time given to achieve very good riding basics.  After achieving level 2, students may wish to continue working towards a career in equestrian tourism, or they may be happy with skills that give them a more safe and enjoyable trail riding ability.

Level 1

  • English rider level 1
  • Trail rider level 1

Level 2

  • English rider level 2
  • Trail rider Level 2
  • Back country skills level 1

Levels 3 and 4 concentrate on skill development, allowing the student to become more proficient in technical riding and back country skills. For people who seek to improve their recreational trail riding, these next levels will provide them with the skills they need to have a safe trip on uncomplicated terrain. In addition, these levels provide a solid foundation for those interested in working in the industry as an equestrian-tourism guide.

Level 3

  • English rider level 3
  • Trail rider level 3
  • Back country skills level 2

Level 4

  • English rider level 4
  • Trail rider level 4
  • Back country skills level 3

Level 5 and Trail  guide prepares the students to work with clients, these basic levels will provide skills to safely take a group for shorter rides on easy well marked terrain.  

These qualifications will also provide skills to act as an assistant guide on longer more complicated rides

Level 5

  1. Trail Rider level 5
  2. Back country skills level 4
  3. Standard first aid
  4. Route planning
  5. Outdoor Council of Canada
  6. 1 hour trail ride

Client Care  (will be implemented throughout the learning process)


Trail Leader

  1. Back country skills level 5
  2. Trail knowledge and leading
  3. Basic hoof care
  4. Route planning
  5. Day ride in mountains
  6. Wilderness and remote first aid




Company Info

Painted Warriors Ranch,

Mountain View County, Alberta


.  Experience is built into the upper levels; this program requires a certain amount of “dirt” time working in the capacity before moving on.  For example a level 2 guide must have at least 5 years experience guiding clients to even enter the level 2 program.

Trail guide 1

  1. English rider level 5
  2. Horse packing level 1
  3. Standard Equine first aid
  4. Plant first aid
  5. Advanced wilderness and remote first aid
  6. Route planning
  7. Camp set up and planning
  8. G.A. Group Management/Assistant Interpreter
  9. Over night trip to Mountains


Trail guide 2

  1. Horse packing level 2
  2. Advanced and remote equine first aid
  3. Advanced Route planning
  4. Map reading
  5. Natural navigation
  6. Advanced Camp set up and planning
  7. 90 hour advance wilderness first aid
  8. 2 day pack trip


The last program to complete is level 3 guide, which prepares the student to act as a manager or to set up his or her own business.  Any of the levels of this program may be challenged if the individual has experience.


Trail guide 3

  1. Risk Management
  2. Understanding how to prepare and condition stock
  3. Map reading and orienteering
  4. English Rider level 6
  5. Leave no Trace policies and procedures