Bimaagimose Snowshoe Experience

Bimaagimose, meaning he/she snowshoes along. Pronounced bee-mah-gi-mo-say. Click below to hear. 

Step into the outdoors and immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind Indigenous winter story.

A unique winter escape

Let us guide you through a winter landscape on snowshoe as we share our winter traditions along quiet, snowy trails as you shed the stress of  daily life and enter the deep tranquility of the forest.

Your guide will share basic natural navigation techniques, animal track identification and fire lighting using traditional tools—all skills that were, and still are, relied upon today to thrive during the months of snow. You’ll learn about winter medicine and the use of natural elements from the forest such for healing and sustenance.

As we explore the forest, we’ll stop to notice tracks and you’ll have a chance to learn how to track wind direction and other navigational clues to chart our course.

“The snow provides a blank canvas for storytelling rich with mystery and clues of a hidden world”
Tracey Klettl, owner

Back at the Ranch.

We’ll return to the ranch and cozy around a roaring fire and share a delicious, traditional lunch made from family recipes and warm up with a traditional blend of pine needle tea. As we close, you’ll have a chance to reflect and share thoughts on the experience together.

Whether you’re a first-timer on snowshoes or experienced in the outdoors, when you come outdoors with one of our Indigenous guides, you’ll come to understand your relationship to the land in a different way, which we hope stays with you long after leave Painted Warriors.  

What do I need to bring?

We will be spending approximately three hours outdoors so we ask that you wear warm, winter clothing such as a heavy jacket, snow pants, hiking or snow boots, a warm head covering such as a toque, as well as a scarf and gloves. Please bring your own water bottle, which you can fill on site.

We will outfit you with snowshoes and poles so you’re ready to hit the trails and keep hand and foot warmers handy to keep you toasty and warm.

Covid-19 Safety protocols

The health of our guests is a top priority and we’ve put into place a number of Covid-19 safety protocols. Please learn more about our protocols and how we’re keeping out activities safe for visitors this winter. 

*Minimum group size is four, with a maximum of six. Smaller groups can book a private tour, Please contact us directly to inquire about pricing.

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