Canadian Horseback Adventure: Level One

This full 4-day course is $400, which includes meals and accommodation

Time to dust off the boots and saddles and pull the horses off of the pasture. This new program is designed for recreational trail riders to get ready for some serious backcountry adventures! This 4-day program will help you to prepare and condition your horse, plan your trip and keep you safe. Whether you do one-day trips or overnight, this course will prepare and certify each participant. Because this is a new program, we are including free accommodation for each participant.

This program is designed for people who do not have the time to take one of our longer courses and wish to aquire basic skills for back country riding. Even though this course is only a 4-day course, it is intense and focuses on useful skills and knowledge.

Canadian Horseback Adventure: Level Two

This course is $550 including all certification, meals and accommodation.

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Horseback Adventure - Level One Booking $420.00 (CAD)*  
Horseback Adventure - Level Two Booking $577.50 (CAD)*  

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Painted Warriors Ranch

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