Archery is one of our most popular programs. It provides hours of fun for groups of all ages. Archery can be conducted as an individual lesson or tailored to accommodate large groups, and can even be used as a team building event. Painted Warriors supplies all the equipment and targets and the owner/operators are certified coaches. On our 82 acre property is an outdoor course of 3D targets as well as a field archery course, and can be run year round.

PAPER TARGETS from a maximum distance of 20 yards are the starting place for all archers to become comfortable with the equipment and develop proper form. We try various kinds of paper faces such as three spot Vegas league targets and other props such as balloons.

FIELD ARCHERY takes place outdoors and involves shooting three arrows at marked distances anywhere from 10 yards to 80 yards. The arrows are scored according to how close they are to the centre of the target.

3D ARCHERY involves realistic foam targets in the shape of different animals from large elk to giant mosquitoes. The targets are set out at unmarked distances and not only does the archer have to make a good shot; they must also correctly judge the distance

Hunting and Gathering package

This tour starts with our chef as she takes us on an interactive journey. The guests will take part in preparing our evening meal and learn about traditional methods of cooking, natural plants that we use to add flavour and the medicinal use of those plants.

Step back in time and learn the traditional skills we used as hunters and gatherers. The group will take part in an archery lesson before we proceed to the 3D course. When the group is feeling confident about their shooting skills we will go on a simulated hunt using life size foam 3D animal targets.

Each target will have information on that specific animal including the skills required to hunt the animal. The archers will put their skills to use and try to hit a bullseye on each realistic animal target.

After completion of the 3D course, we will go back to the campsite for a traditional meal that the guests have helped prepare at the beginning of the program.

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