Words From Our Clients

We welcome your comments and feedback. We are happy and fulfilled when you have had an enjoyable and educational experience here with us. We hope there will be many more great experiences to come!

We have put together some heart warming experiences that many of you have shared with us over the past few years, and shared them within this blog post.


Aug. 26, 2016
We had a wonderful time with Tim and Tracy.
Their respect and love, the culture of the native Canadians and their care for nature made a lot of impression on us.
Their horse trails are phenomenal.
Thanks for the spiritual and nice time we had, guys!
– The Dutchies
Jul. 11, 2016
Our granddaughter, Stephanie, had a fabulous week at your horse camp this year! Lots of planned activities kept the kids busy all day! A great experience for everyone! Great camp counselors ensured kids had a special camp experience. Thanks for your positive impact on so many kids 👍😃😎
– Valery
Dec. 23, 2013
Thanks so very much for sharing your site with me. It’s outstanding; be very proud of yourself.
Wish you well in your future endeavors,
– Farlie & JR’s former owner, Phyllis
My daughters attended camp last year & their favorite experiences were trail riding in the beautiful woods, 3D archery practice & tracking on game trails.

 They learned knot tying,
horsemanship skills & the use & identification of local medicinal plants. They enjoyed team shelter building & making a fire from moss & sap starter.
They want to return year after year! Casual, informative, and fun.
I recommend Painted Warriors for children that love the outdoors, love horses & like the idea of learning survival skills with friends. See you next summer!
Good Morning Tracey,
As you know, my daughter Tiana attended your riding camp last summer. She had a fabulous time and told me the experience provided her with a wealth of newfound knowledge on animals residing in our region and survival in our natural habitat. I sincerely appreciate having the opportunity to send our children to your camp as it provides them with a fabulous opportunity to learn and grow. I hope you will be able to offer more of them in the future.
Thank you Tracey and Tim.
– Jolana


The camp covers a variety of camps suited for all ages.  This particular camp involved stable management, which covers the care and comfort of the horse, tacking of the horse and proper mounting/dismounting.  There was also a demonstration on how to pack a horse for a trail ride, which was followed by an actual trail ride around the property.

Another aspect of the camp was bush crafting.  This covers how to make a fire using a knife and more. This past summer, my daughter participated in one of the many camps that are held. She used Bella Rosa tools to make a fire, such as charcoal paper with a rock, flint, dry grass. Every aspect of this activity was carefully monitored as sharp objects and fire were present.

The third part of this camp was archery.  Tracey and Tim have years of experience with archery, with Tracey being on a national team. The course included a demonstration, proper technique of holding, aiming and shooting an arrow and then followed by hitting targets.

All in all, my daughter thoroughly enjoyed the camp.  It offered overnight stays, and all meals were provided.  It is something that she will take home with her and cherish the experience she received and the friends she made.

– Anna


We have engaged the professional services of Tim Mearns and Tracey Klettl for some of the youth programs held at Blue Lake. Tim and Tracey encourage these young people with their knowledge and experience from competing at national and international events and provide a positive role model with their accomplishments.

The Archery activity is one of the most popular programs offered and always a big hit with the younger and older children at our camps.  In addition to fun, the youth gain valuable skills in working together as part of a team while focusing on individual goals for target shooting.  Intensive mental concentration is required in archery and the benefits for the students are innumerable, including self-reliance, accountability, and focus. Overall, archery is an exceptional confidence building sport.

There has been an increasing desire among the aboriginal people to reclaim our youth; and archery being so popular with youth and given it is an important part of our culture, offers an ideal way to facilitate the re-introduction of our youth back into the culture and traditions. A facility such as this provides the necessary opportunities and goals for our youth as a beginning step for the cultural teachings.  Archery programs would be run year round providing an important training area for those who not only want to learn for pleasure and hunting purposes but for future competitors at the North American Indigenous Games.

We look forward to working with Tim and Tracey again.


Two years ago my daughter Teagan started riding lessons with Tracey Klettl. Since that time Teagan has shown increased improvement and a passion for horses. This is due to an instructor that is patient, knowledgeable, and can communicate effectively with all the different age ranges she teaches. I have been extremely happy with my daughter’s progress, and have recommended Tracey to several people.

As a family, we participated in a weekend horseback riding and archery session that was amazing. Both Tracey and Tim were most welcoming and willing to help us with anything to refine our beginner skills.
– Jacqueline

During the summer of 2012, I had the privilege of attending a portion of a weekend camp held by a soft adventure company called, Painted Warriors, in Cremona, Alberta.

Our camp guides were Tracey and Morgan Klettl and Tim Mearns who provided us with exceptional leadership, extensive hospitality, expert horseback riding, archery, and Metis traditional wilderness survival experience. These adventure and educational experiences were

presented within a warm and welcoming atmosphere where humor abounded, while immersed in the pristine beauty and peace of a remote ranch area.

Scrumptious meals and comfortable accommodations were included with the cost. During the evenings we enjoyed sitting around a large camp fire while being entertained with live music provided by our guides. The overall camp experience was exceptional and a testimony to the owner’s commitment to ensure participants enjoyed their experience.

I have also delighted in taking English riding lessons from Equestrian expert Tracey Klettl since 2009. Tracey is a patient and discerning instructor who will individualize her training to suit each rider’s skill level. Tracey has provided me with an equine education far beyond what I expected and I look forward to continuing to learn from her.

– Diane