Mother Daughter Weekend

Come for a bonding experience which includes activities such as:

  • Riding lessons
  • Raw food preparation
  • Yoga
  • Plant medicine walks
  • Archery

The cost of this weekend activity is $425 per Mother & Daughter group and $75 for each additional family member.

This price includes all programs, meals and accommodations.

Contact Tracey at: 403 637 9138.

Or at:

Feed your soul

Join us and learn about raw food preparation and all the health benefits. This work shop will give you a new approach to healthy eating.

The morning starts with a plant medicine and finishes with Yoga and meditation. We start our raw food preparation after a delicious lunch. The group will prepare the evening meal together while learning some interesting recipes and information on nutrition. During the meal, there is a discussion on feeding your soul and a new way of thinking about why eating healthy is such and important part of bringing balance to your life.

The cost of this workshop is $140 per person.

Watch our coming events for dates for this incredible program!

Company Info

Painted Warriors Ranch,

Mountain View County, Alberta