Cook it Raw Nakoda Activity

Archery Program with ‘Cook It Raw’ Group

October 7th. What a fun day at Nakoda! We had some great hunters in this group. Unfortunately, the foam 3D animals were not a suitable choice for cooking.

We received a nice thank you letter from the crew:

“Dear Brenda,

On behalf of the entire Cook It Raw team, I would like to sincerely thank you for your commitment to partnership and putting this great program together, which made our day very special.

We would particularly like to thank Rachel Huggins for the engaging and insightful plant walk. We found Rachel extremely knowledgeable and her ability to relate to the world of food was a real treat for the chefs. I am sure many of the local Albertan chefs will reach out to seek her guidance.

Special thanks also to Morgan Klettl and the team of Painted Warriors. We had great fun doing archery and were still laughing about turkey sounds and “trophies” from our “hunt”. The archery is certainly an element of education and fun which brings diverse groups together and should be part of any wilderness gathering.

Last but not least, great thanks to Jordan Ede whose expertise in traditional hunting tools has been a great enrichment to understanding the context of food acquisition in the Kananaskis area.

We are very grateful for you and the whole team´s engagement which has been substantial to making the Cook It Raw Alberta retreat in Kananaskis an incredible success.

Thanks very much to all of you!”